Van Bavel Advocaten provides assistance in fraud and tax cases

Van Bavel Advocaten is a law firm with criminal lawyers working for companies, directors and private individuals.

Is the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service or any other authority on your doorstep? Have you been invited to an interview or have you received a summons? We are happy to assist you with our razor-sharp legal approach and we are available 24 hours a day if necessary. We are averse to delay and mediocrity. With us you will experience unparalleled performance and a sharp focus on results.

From our office at Jollemanhof 24 in Amsterdam we work on cases in the field of financial and economic criminal law.

Areas of Expertise

  • Fraud cases

    Fraud is a collective name for various offenses, for example money laundering, forgery, bribery, scam, insider trading, taxfraud, bankruptcy fraud etc.

  • Financial criminal law

    This concerns the criminal enforcement of financial regulations, for example the Wwft, the Wft, the Wtt etc.

  • Tax law

    Those involved are often suspected of wrongfully reporting to the tax authorities. You can think of declaring incorrect income or assets, VAT fraud or a fraud with incorrect tax deductions.

  • Environmental criminal law

    For example the violation of permit requirements or making illegal discharges.

Areas of Expertise

A quick and effective solution is preferable to lengthy legal proceedings.

Our approach

Van Bavel Advocaten distinguishes itself from other firms by its no-nonsense approach and hands-on mentality. As a niche firm, we have a low cost structure, we establish a personal relationship with the executing attorney at law and conflicting interests (conflicts) hardly play a role.

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